NVIDIA Introduces Crypto Mining Processor HX Series

Considering the increasing popularity of Ethereum mining, NVIDIA has announced a series of Crypto Mining Processors, the CMP HX series.

NVIDIA CMP H hero 1200x352 1

We should consider the CMP HX series as graphic cards for mining purposes only which won’t be capable of displaying output. The CMP HX will be similar to the processor series launched in the previous mining craze, the Pascal P10X series. The P10X also lacked drivers and output capability hence had a low resale value too.

NVIDIA has announced 4 cards under the CMP HX series. The cards will provide a starting Ethereum hash rate of 25 MH/s at 125W which can go up to 86 MH/s at 320W. The cards are equipped with a 10GB memory.

NVIDIA Crypto Mining Processor 1200x619 1

Along with the CMP HX series announcement, NVIDIA also announced that their upcoming RTX 3060s will have a special driver installed in them that will automatically detect mining-specific algorithms and limit the hash rate by 50%. This will make the RTX 3060 useful for gamers. NVIDIA will release the CMP HX series in the first quarter while the 10GB variants will be released in Q2 2021.


This is NVIDIA’s first attempt to discourage miners from purchasing their GeForce cards. According to Ryan Smith from Anandtech, NVIDIA has confirmed that the mining nerfing will apply to Linux drivers too.

Via Videocardz