NVIDIA Is Ready To Announce GeForce GTX 1630 Graphics Card

GTX x30 series is finally coming to the limelight and from what we know, the GTX 1630 can possibly be the first of the x30 models in the GTX series. Till now we were only seeing cards like the GT 730 or GT 1030 but they are already old school and if we look at the GTX Turning card, which was released a good three years ago.

The prices in the GPU market have seen an increasing trend for a long and they are finally coming back to normal. However, even with this uncertainty, NVIDIA had launched the RTX 3050 desktop this year in January, which was more than a year since the first of the Ampere models was released.

During this same time, AMD also launched the Radeon RX 6500XT and the RX 6400 and they knew well that NVIDIA is having trouble with the low-end segment of the market. The company’s most recent marketing campaign targets; how the AMD Radeon 6000 series compares to the GeForce RTX 30. Looking at the low-end market, we can clearly see the price gaps between these two competitors.

The latest information says that the GeForce GTX 1630 is definitely going to replace the GTX 1050 Ti and hence it would cost less than $ 190, the price which the GTX 1650 currently retails at.

Via VideoCardz