NVIDIA Launches RTX 2000 ADA Workstation GPU With 16GB VRAM For $625

NVIDIA has officially unveiled the RTX 2000 ADA, a new addition to its workstation GPU series featuring the Ada architecture. This marks the seventh SKU in the lineup, and like the RTX 4000 SFF, it embraces a compact, low-profile design without external power connectors, boasting a 70-watt power limit.

rtx2000 ada og 1200x630 1

In contrast to the RTX 4000’s AD104 GPU equipped with 6144 cores, the RTX 2000 ADA employs a configuration with 2816 CUDA cores. NVIDIA has chosen the AD107 GPU variant, leaving the AD106 unused in any workstation desktop card so far.

The RTX 2000 ADA follows the RTX 2000 (Ampere) and surpasses expectations with its 16GB GDDR6 ECC memory, doubling the initially rumored capacity of 12GB. Despite this enhancement, the GPU maintains a 128-bit memory bus limit. Furthermore, this SKU is constrained to a PCI Express 4.0 interface, capped at 8 lanes.


Featuring four Mini-DisplayPort 1.4a ports, this card is not tailored for those seeking a low-power GPU with DisplayPort 2.0/2.1 support; they may want to explore AMD and Intel alternatives. Priced at $625 before taxes, it will be accessible through major partners like Arrow Electronics, Ingram Micro, Leadtek, PNY, Ryoyo Electro, and TD SYNNEX, with Dell, HP, and Lenovo expected to offer it from April onwards.

Source: NVIDIA