NVIDIA Lowering RTX 4090 Price? Official Contest Lists MSRP at $1398

Over the course of this year, NVIDIA has organized multiple giveaways, frequently showcasing mid-range and entry-level models. On occasion, the company even includes its top-tier gaming cards, like the RTX 4090, in the prize offerings.

NVIDIA’s contest rule pages consistently outline the value of cards within the prize pool, usually mirroring the prevailing market value of the RTX 4090. Depending on the specific contest, certain cards may feature custom backplates, theoretically enhancing their value further.

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Notably, the last two contests in November and the latest December RTX 4090 giveaway, linked to the Doom 30th Anniversary, both show a lowered MSRP of $1,398. This pricing could be more in line with a custom RTX 4080 model.

During the September Reddit giveaway, the RTX 4090 was presented with an MSRP of $1599, a figure that remains the official price for the card today. However, the current minimum retail price for the RTX 4090 in the US market is around $1,850, surpassing both the official and contest MSRP.


Twice this year, the cost of this graphics card spiked to $2,000—first in the initial quarter and then in the fourth quarter, each surge attributed to distinct reasons. Speculation hints at NVIDIA introducing the RTX 4080 SUPER model in early January, yet there’s no sign of any alterations to the RTX 4090’s price, except for the debut of the RTX 4090D designed specifically for the Chinese market.h

With NVIDIA listing the MSRP of the RTX 4090 on their official contest page at $1,398 does that mean we are going to see an official price-drop for the card?