NVIDIA Officially Launches RTX 1000 And RTX 500 Ada GPUs For Laptops

At MWC 2024, NVIDIA introduced two latest professional laptop graphics cards belonging to the RTX ADA series. Fueled by the AD107 GPU, these cards feature an impressive core count of up to 2560 CUDA cores. Specifically, the RTX A1000 ADA and the RTX 500 ADA showcase 2560 cores and 2048 cores, respectively, with the former aligning with the core count of the RTX A2000.

NVIDIA has broadened its range of RTX ADA laptop GPUs for workstations by introducing seven SKUs, now including AD103, AD104, AD106, and the latest additions with AD107. Users have the flexibility to choose from diverse memory configurations, spanning from 4GB to 16GB, catering to their specific preferences and needs.

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The RTX 1000 ADA has undergone a change with a 6GB VRAM capacity across a 96-bit bus, signaling a departure from Ampere’s memory bus width and an expansion in memory capacity. While both the RTX 1000 and 500 Ampere models initially offered 2048 cores and a 4GB configuration, NVIDIA later introduced a 6GB version for the RTX 1000. This version can be seen as a refresh of the Ampere model, introducing a new architecture while preserving nearly identical configurations.

NVIDIA is increasing the Total Graphics Power (TGP) for specific SKUs, with the RTX 500 now ranging from 35W to 60W, and the RTX 1000 series seeing an increase from 35W-95W to 35W-140W. It’s worth noting that only the RTX 1000 supports Dynamic Boost, offering an extra 15W, and this is already considered within the mentioned power ranges.


Via Videocardz