NVIDIA RTX 40 SUPER Series To Debut At CES 2024

The board partners were not anticipating any major graphics card launches in the current year, so it seems likely that the highly-discussed RTX 40 SUPER series will be released in the upcoming year. We may have noe a potential release date for these cards.

Kopite7kimi, a reliable hardware leaker known for accurate NVIDIA information, suggests that the company plans to deliver an official update regarding these SKUs during CES. This annual consumer electronics expo takes place in Las Vegas, USA, and has experienced more vibrant times prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. The upcoming CES is anticipated to mark a significant return to in-person events, with all major PC hardware manufacturers set to participate.

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While NVIDIA isn’t listed as a ‘featured’ exhibitor, the company will have a presence and has already reserved three conference rooms. Nonetheless, there are no indications of a significant media event at this point. It’s possible that the RTX 40 SUPER release may not require a major public event; instead, NVIDIA might concentrate on partner designs, new technologies, or the primary theme of next year’s CES, which is artificial intelligence.

Rumors suggest that NVIDIA is preparing to introduce a minimum of two, and perhaps even three, new graphics cards. Each of these models is anticipated to incorporate an increased number of CUDA cores and, in some instances, more memory when compared to their current counterparts. This release will further establish NVIDIA’s presence in the upper high-end segment of the market.

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The speculated RTX 4080 SUPER is anticipated to include the complete AD103 GPU, featuring an impressive 10,240 CUDA cores and 16GB of GDDR6X memory. The purported RTX 4070 Ti SUPER is also expected to adopt a comparable memory configuration with 8448 CUDA cores. Recent leaks suggest that the RTX 4070 SUPER will have approximately 7168 cores but will retain the 12GB memory setup from the existing model.

It remains uncertain whether the CES presentation will result in an actual product launch or merely an announcement.

Source: @kopite7kimi