NVIDIA RTX 4090 Ti/TITAN Cooler Prototype Listed For 120K USD

NVIDIA has developed an extensive cooling solution for an undisclosed RTX 40 graphics card, which is currently featured on a Chinese second-hand website.

IMG 6262

The origin of a distinctive cooler that has garnered attention in recent news articles has been identified. The cooler in question, associated with the graphics card, was discovered on Taobao’s Goofish platform, known for featuring pre-owned items and prototypes of unreleased hardware. A user named “Hayaka” is currently selling a cooling solution for the GeForce RTX 40, referred to as either the RTX 4090Ti or TITAN ADA design. However, what has attracted considerable notice is its exorbitant price tag of 888K RMB, approximately equivalent to 120K USD.

IMG 6261

It is worth mentioning that the mentioned price is likely subject to change. Based on the comments, the seller seems willing to entertain offers from potential buyers, and there have already been indications of interest from interested parties.

IMG 6263

This cooler has been observed in two distinct color variations: one resembling the GeForce magnesium style and the other adorned with a TITAN gold shroud. Nevertheless, there is no indication of its imminent release as a commercial product. Furthermore, the cooler being sold lacks any PCB or GPU, rendering it essentially non-functional except as an extremely rare collectible.

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However, the design of this cooler is captivating due to two notable features. First, its remarkably thick four-slot form factor sets it apart, as no NVIDIA Founders Edition GPU has featured such a design thus far. Second, the cooler’s PCB is vertically installed, positioned perpendicular to the interface, which adds to its distinctive appeal.

Hayaka/Goofish via Wccftech