NVIDIA RTX 5090 Now Rumored To Feature 28GB GDDR7 And 448-bit Bus

The upcoming flagship Blackwell graphics card is rumored to feature a 448-bit memory bus, differing from the previously discussed configurations of the GB202 graphics processor, which has a 512-bit capability.

The GB202 Blackwell GPU is the flagship processor in the new GeForce RTX 50 series. Initial rumors suggested it would have a 512-bit memory bus, but subsequent rumors indicated a 384-bit bus. Now, leakers assert that the GB202 does indeed support a 512-bit bus, though this configuration might not be utilized in the RTX 5090.
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Panzerlied, the leaker who previously disclosed the RTX 5090 Founder’s Edition PCB design with three parts (a claim now confirmed by Kopite7kimi), has now stated that the RTX 5090 will use a 448-bit memory bus instead of a 512-bit one. This suggests that the RTX 5090 may utilize only 14 of the 16 available memory modules.

If NVIDIA uses a 448-bit memory bus, the RTX 5090 is expected to have 28GB of GDDR7 memory. With the previously leaked memory speed and the new bus information, the bandwidth would be 1568 GB/s, irrespective of the capacity. This marks a 50% increase compared to the RTX 4090.

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The 28GB specifications on the new flagship might not seem as impressive as 32GB, but this leaves room for potential “Ti/SUPER” upgrades in the future. The 512-bit memory bus may not be used for gaming GPUs but could be reserved for the ProViz RTX (formerly Quadro) series, which benefit from greater memory capacity.

NVIDIA last used a 448-bit memory bus during the GTX 200 series era, with models like the GTX 260 and GTX 275 featuring 896 MB of memory. The GTX 280 utilized a 512-bit bus. Subsequent models, starting with the GTX 400 series, have been equipped with up to a 384-bit bus.

Source: Chiphell