NVIDIA To Launch Ada Lovelace Successor In 2025

NVIDIA has officially announced its roadmap for the generation succeeding Ada Lovelace. The company has chosen the enigmatic codename “Ada Lovelace Next” to represent its forthcoming gaming architecture. Referring to it as “Ada Lovelace Next,” the company has revealed this enigmatic codename for their forthcoming gaming architecture.

In a somewhat unexpected turn of events, NVIDIA has revealed that the release of their next gaming architecture, previously anticipated for 2024, will be delayed by a year. Historically, NVIDIA has adhered to a two-year cycle for introducing new gaming architectures, with occasional exceptions. Hence, this slight delay in the launch might be seen as a deviation from their usual pattern.

IMG 6149

If this roadmap indeed proves accurate, it would indicate that NVIDIA is highly probable to introduce a future iteration of its architecture. While there is no evidence thus far indicating a mid-series SUPER launch, NVIDIA has previously released several Ti variants. It is possible that NVIDIA may choose to expand its options by introducing additional variants as the journey progresses.

The provided roadmap offers insights into the upcoming Hopper Next and Grace Next architectures designed for the data-center market. The Hopper Next architecture, previously referred to as Blackwell in leaked information, is expected to be showcased in the first half of 2024. This information further strengthens the indication that Blackwell is distinct from the gaming lineup, confirming its focus on data-center applications.

Via HardwareLuxx