NVIDIA To Launch GeForce RTX 2060 With 12GB Memory In January 2022

In early 2021, a report stated that NVIDIA might introduce a large stock of RTX 2060 graphics cards to deal with demand and supply mismatch between discrete GPUs in 2021. The news surfaced before NVIDIA launched its RTX 3060 graphics, so it was understandable that a good mid-range solution is needed. Finally, an update is here.

Gigabyte GeForce RTX 2060 Gaming OC Pro 6G Graphics Card

NVIDIA not only did release its 12GB RTX 3060 non-Ti model in March but later updated it to the LHR variant after NVIDIA and also made a mistake by unlocking full crypto hash rate performance through a developer driver. However, the RTX 3060 graphics cards were not available at their MSRP. Unfortunately, there is no improvement in the situation, which is why NVIDIA is forced to seek other options.

As per the sources at Videocardz, NVIDIA has plans to launch an updated RTX 2060 GPU based on Turing architecture. The model PG161 will have 12GB GDDR6 RAM and the same TU106-300 GPU, except with a KX postfix. This means the card will only get double memory capacity in comparison to RTX 2060 6GB, released in January 2019. Reportedly, NVIDIA has told its board partners that they can expect the card by this year’s end or in January, depending on how quickly they can manufacture it.

rtx 2060 tuf 1

NVIDIA’s reintroduction of RTX 2060 12GB reflects little hope for the availability of mid-ranges in 2022. NVIDIA expects the Ampere shortages to continue, due to which they are working on alternatives for customers who cannot wait.

Via Videocardz