Gamers Observe Missing And Misaligned Thermal Pads On Their New Graphics Cards

Two Redditt users, kamaloo92 and obamaprism3, were facing issues of overheating graphics card memory. Upon investigation, kamaloo92 discovered that his Asus 3080 Ti TUF Gaming OC’, row of 4 memory modules, did not have a thermal pad, due to which the temperature shot up to 110°C. The replacement 3rd party heat spreaders solved the issue, and the temperature remained under 80°C.

PowerColor RX6700XT Thermal pads

The other user, obamaprism3’s card: NVIDIA 3080 Founders Edition, had a misplaced thermal pad that covered both the VRAM and GPU. The temperature went down to 61°C from 76°C after replacing the pads and the paste.

Besides this, PC forum threads are filled with users reporting extremely high memory temperatures on their new graphic cards. Many of them were told that thermal pad replacement is the best option since GPU manufacturers use inferior thermal pads to cut costs which results in higher temperatures.

Thermal Pad 1

Luckily, you can easily replace thermal pads. However, it can prove to be expensive if something goes wrong, and some board partners will void the warranty once the card is taken apart. One should consider these things before the replacement.

The above incidents just reflect the continuous factory blunders. Before this, users found adhesive covers intact on thermal pads or a finger cot left during an assembly.

Via Wccftech