NVIDIA To Launch GeForce RTX 3050 With 6GB VRAM Phasing Out 8GB Model

The RTX 3050 8GB model’s influence on RTX 4060 sales has led NVIDIA to eventually discontinue it. They will replace it with a 6GB version, aligning its specifications with the mobile variant.

Unveiled at CES 2022, the RTX 3050 utilizes the GA106 GPU, introduced a year after the initial release of high-end series models. With 2560 CUDA cores, a 128-bit memory bus, 14 Gbps memory, and a TGP of around 130W, it closely mirrors the RTX 4060 on paper, serving as NVIDIA’s low-end model for the subsequent Ada Lovelace series. Notably, there is no RTX 4050 introduced for the desktop market by NVIDIA.

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The forthcoming RTX 3050, equipped with 6GB of memory, implies the potential for either a 96-bit or 192-bit memory bus. Considering the GA106 GPU, both options are feasible, but there’s an anticipation that the new model will probably choose a shorter memory bus.

Recent times have witnessed various changes to the RTX 3050 series. In the past year, NVIDIA introduced a new version with the GA107 GPU, featuring a reduced TDP of 115W. There were earlier rumors about a potential GA107-325 variant accompanying the 4 GB model, but these speculations never received confirmation.

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As per the source, NVIDIA intends to launch the new RTX 3050 6GB model in January. The specific date was not disclosed, and there is no information on the official discontinuation date for the 3050 8GB.

NV is planning the latest product adjustment for the RTX3050 series. The AIC brand manufacturers have been informed that there will be a significant adjustment to the RTX3050 series products. Specifically, NV will discontinue the production of the RTX3050 8G version and directly switch to selling the RTX3050 6G version to meet market demands.

According to information from AIC brand manufacturers, the RTX3050 8G version will be phased out as inventory is depleted, and the RTX3050 6G version is expected to be available for purchase and potentially on the market by January.

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