NVIDIA to Release Second GK110-based Graphics Card

NVIDIA has already released the GeForce GTX Titan based on the GK110 graphics processing unit. According to a rumor they are working on a second GK110-based card that will most likely be made for the professional sector rather than consumers like the GeForce GTX Titan was. NVIDIA’s Quadro line of professional graphics cards is topped out by the Quadro 6000, which is based on the Fermi architecture. To complete the line with the Kepler architecture, NVIDIA is said to soon be releasing a Quadro K6000 graphics card.

nvidia k6000

Not much is known about the card but reports says that it will feature 13 of the 15 GK110’s streaming multiprocessors. The would give the card 2496 CUDA cores, 192 TMUs, and 40 ROPs. The card is also said to feature a 320-bit memory interface, which will likely hold 5GB. If these are the specifications they will offer an upgrade over the Fermi-based Quadro 6000.

Source: Xbit Labs | News Archive

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