NVIDIA Will Not Replace GeForce RTX 4070 With The SUPER Version

Board Channels, overseen by individuals closely connected with board partners, has issued a new update. This platform functions as a hub for early leaks and rumors concerning forthcoming GPU and CPU launches. Though its precision in detailing specifications may be uncertain, it consistently demonstrates reliability in reporting product adjustments and their market availability.

Unlike the RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 Ti graphics cards facing a phased reduction in production, the RTX 4070 is set to avoid a similar fate. Instead, the company intends to launch the RTX 4070 SUPER alongside the existing model, ensuring both versions coexist. While emphasis will be on the RTX 4070 SUPER, the standard RTX 4070 is anticipated to maintain its presence in the market for an extended duration.

Previous reports suggested that NVIDIA is in the process of fulfilling last orders for the RTX 4080 and RTX 4070 Ti, with board partners anticipating inventory clearance by the end of the year. In contrast, the RTX 4070 is projected to remain unaffected, maintaining its availability without disruptions.

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RTX 4080 SUPER: Will replace the RTX 4080 series, indicating the discontinuation of the RTX 4080 series.

RTX 4070 Ti SUPER: Will replace the RTX 4070 Ti series, signifying the discontinuation of the RTX 4070 Ti series.

RTX 4070 SUPER: Will not entirely replace the RTX 4070 series; instead, it will coexist with the RTX 4070 series for an extended period. However, the focus will primarily be on the sales of the RTX 4070 SUPER series.

— Board Channels

The distinction in treatment for the RTX 4070 likely stems from its higher popularity and comparatively lower specifications compared to the SUPER model. While other SUPER GPUs are rumored to have a modest 5% to 10% rise in CUDA cores, the RTX 4070 SUPER stands out with a substantial 22% increase, placing it in a different product tier. Considering the speculated discontinuation of the non-SUPER RTX 4070 Ti, leaving NVIDIA with only one 12GB model, it seems logical for NVIDIA to continue offering the original RTX 4070 in the market.

Nevertheless, the entire scenario is still unfolding, and the most crucial unanswered question pertains to pricing. NVIDIA may consider reshaping its product lineup by either lowering price points or substituting existing SKUs with slightly enhanced specifications. As two out of three current models undergo a phase-out, both possibilities remain on the table.

Reports suggest that NVIDIA intends to introduce the new RTX 40 SUPER models at CES. Whether all three cards will debut simultaneously or if NVIDIA chooses a phased release, assessing the market and gamers’ responses, remains uncertain at this time.

Via Board Channels