NVIDIA Will Release NVIDIA R530 Drivers With RTX Video Super Resolution

According to NVIDIA, R530 drivers will be available later this month and will include support for RTX Video Super Resolution. The NVIDIA R530 driver will receive the RTX VSR AI improvement software upgrade. The opportunity to display the best and most recent technology and software for 2023 and beyond was provided to companies like NVIDIA at CES 2023.  The business unveiled the new RTX Super Video Resolution to improve video quality by upscaling with AI to boost visual resolution.

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Graphics cards in the RTX 30 and 40 series will be the first to receive the new feature, with compatibility for the older RTX 20 GPUs coming later, as promised. According to the NVIDIA RTX VSR changelog, the new technology is supported by Google’s Chrome 110 browser, but it won’t really work until NVIDIA enables it in the next version. The new NVIDIA VSR may be managed by users using the company’s own Control Panel application.

The NVIDIA Control Panel verifies if the user’s graphics card is compatible with the most recent visual technologies. Users with supported GPUs will receive the R530 driver branch; however, those with RTX 20 series cards utilizing the R520 drivers will have to wait longer for the upgrade.

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There have been no instances of the new update being activated prior to its release. However, it looks to be irrelevant, as the NVIDIA Control Panel support initially did not permit it. Lastly, the business notes that the new NVIDIA VSR will only be compatible with externally powered devices due to the additional boost required for the software to function. The VSR technology cannot be used by any system that just runs on batteries.

Via NVIDIA Forums