NVIDIA’s Next-Gen GeForce Cards To Launch In Q3 2018 According To Power Logic

Our last hint to when NVIDIA would be launching their next-generation GeForce graphics cards came when TweakTown said they had industry sources saying that the launch would happen July 30th 2018. Well it looks like there might be something backing that up, a new report from DigiTimes sites an interview of Power Logic chairman Hsu Wen-Feng. Power Logic is a top-tier manufacturer of the cooling fans you find on many graphics cards. Feng has stated that his company expects cooling fan sales to go through the roof starting in Q3 2018 because of next-generation GPUs launching around that time.

NVIDIA GeForce 1180 Ti

Here is an extract from that interview:

Cooling fan maker Power Logic expects to enjoy strong revenue growth momentum in the second half of 2018, mainly bolstered by stable orders for the firm’s new car ventilation fans and increasing GPU cooling fan shipments starting in the third quarter, according to company chairman Hsu Wen-feng.

Power Logic’s major revenues are still generated by cooling fans for gaming PCs, which contribute up to 85% of the company’s annual revenues, with globally leading PC brand vendors all on its customer list, according to Hsu.

While no AIB (add-in board) partners were named in the interview we know Power Logic supplies EVGA with their cooling fans as Feng himself was photographed holding up an EVGA graphics card (below). Working with AIB partners would allow Power Logic to be privy to supply chain timelines and with that he expects Power Logic’s sales to go up based on buy orders from AIB partners at this time.


So does this mean we will see a launch / announcement around July 30th 2018? Well keep this in mind we do know NVIDIA is planning on detailing their “next mainstream GPU” at the Hot Chips Symposium which takes place August 19-21. Typically Hot Chips presentations happen after the launch the July 30th date keeps on sounding like the official date.

What do you guys think?

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