Online Bonuses and Offers in the UK

When making purchases online, whether, for entertainment purposes or just buying basic needs, it is only wise to look for the best deals. Generally, online establishments are more competitive and with dedication and skill, one can get save a lot of money while buying online. Most online bonuses are reserved for registered members of whatever online establishments offering them. Here are the most common offers you can get online in the UK.

Online Casino Bonuses

These bonuses can only be found in the gambling industry. As a player from the UK, there are numerous online casinos you can choose from. These online casinos come with different perks, one of them is the bonus program they have in place for both newbies and existing players. As a matter of fact, an attractive bonus program is one of the qualities that set apart top-notch gambling sites from the multitudes of casinos online. To claim these bonuses, most online casinos make it mandatory to own a player account and make deposits. Here is a list of bonus offers mostly found on online casinos.

  • Welcome Bonus: Online casinos are known to always receive new players with a special reward program. This bonus is awarded after the first deposits, but in some cases, it extends to third and fourth deposits.
  • Matched Deposit Bonus: Also known as match up bonus. You deposit an amount and the casino rewards you with a percentage of the deposited amount. This is usually given as a welcome bonus and often comes with a playthrough quota.
  • High-roller Bonus: Strictly for players who wager with a huge amount of cash. This comes as either cashback bonuses or cash prizes.
  • No Deposit Bonus: Without having to pay some money into your player account, you can get this type of bonus from online casinos. The most common type of no deposit casino bonuses often given to players by casinos is in form of free spins, which can be used on selected slot machines or any other slot available on the casino website.
  • Referral Bonus: This is a usual practice by new online casinos trying to gain more members. When players refer a friend through code, they are rewarded with either real cash or bonus money they can use to play games on the casino selection.

Online Store Discounts

With the increasing number of online stores, most stores are trying to stay ahead of others by providing the best shopping experience and lots of discounts their customers can benefit from. Experienced online buyers save a huge amount by couponing and taking advantage of several deals on the internet. Some of the ways you can get discounts while making purchases on online stores include using referral codes from coupon sites or looking out for quarterly sales done by most online dealers.

Cashback Bonuses

There are two kinds of cashback bonuses; the cashback offered by credit card companies and bonuses offered by cashback websites. For cashback bonuses offered by financial institutions, a percentage of the total funds you have spent using your credit card is returned to you. Some credit card company run these promotions every month or quarterly. Generally, financial institutions put a limit to how much you can earn as a cashback bonus, some offer up to 5% of your quarterly purchases. You can get your credit card cashback bonus through a bank deposit or a gift card. In addition to cashbacks, there are reward accounts, set up by banks. These accounts are to get more users involved in digital banking. The benefit of these reward accounts are efficient online transactions and cash rewards received by owners of the account. To get cash rewards from online banks, you have to become a member or an account holder. Before you open a reward account, you are advised to review the terms offered by the company you intend to bank with.

As for cashback sites, all they do is split their marketing commission with you when you visit an online store through their website. This tool used by many cashback websites has proven very effective. Most people are drawn towards these sites as they provide exclusive deals and bargains on diverse products.

Other Types of Bonuses (Movies tickets, Food Coupons and Taxis Vouchers)

Other types of discounts available online are movie coupons, food coupons and taxi vouchers. Taxi companies usually give membership discounts to their regular clients through e-vouchers. Food and movie coupons are also commonly found coupons sites. They can be e-coupons or printable coupons.

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