Overclocked Intel Core i9-12900KS Tested With Cinebench R23

Intel Core i9-12900KS flagship Alder Lake-S processor has reportedly been tested with Cinebench R23. Taobao marketplace has reported the news about the ‘KS-series’ CPU. The aforementioned Intel ‘KS-series’ CPU with single-core boots clock up to 5.5 GHz was announced at CES 2022, but the cost and launch date are not yet known.

intel corei9 12900ks

The above-mentioned CPU is the new pre-binned Alder Lake CPU that will be featuring 16-cores and 24-threads. This version is actually a factory-overclocked version of the Core i9-12900KS ( fastest desktop CPU). The KS SKU was considered as a competition to AMD’s latest Ryzen 3D V-Cache-based series. AMD is in no rush in terms of its release. The company is only launching an 8-core SKU featuring this advanced L3 cache system. For that reason, Intel’s reason to do things ASAP is no longer valid.

Intel has been releasing news about this CPU lately. It has a Performance core boost up to 5.2 GHz with a single-core boost going up to 5.5 GHz. A test, called Cinebench R23 test, has been conducted by HXL. The test done at Taobao marketplace showed an all-core clock of 5.4 GHz. The CB R23 multi-core test gave the CPU 29519 points. The result was not unexpected.

Intel Core i9 12900KS 2

The CPU is expected to be launched in a few months. The Board partners have made ‘Enhanced Thermal Velocity Boost‘ for the SKU specifically in their Z690 BIOSes. This feature is not usable for other non-KS Alder Lake series.

It has been listed at 29,999 RMB(4716 USD) at a marketplace listing at Taobao. This qualification sample is said to be available to board manufacturers already.

Via VideoCardz