Palit GeForce RTX 3050 6GB Variant Listed In Russia

Palit, an NVIDIA board partner, is gearing up to release 6GB RTX 3050 models this quarter. They have three models in progress, with two belonging to the StormX series and one to the KalmX series. StormX models have surfaced on a Russian retail website, showcasing 6GB in the specifications. The product page includes a new product code, confirming its association with the 3050 6GB model.

The retailer’s specifications reveal inconsistencies, like the memory bandwidth inaccurately listed at 224 GB/s (should be 168 GB/s). However, the base clock of 1042 MHz and TDP of 115W differ significantly from the existing 8GB model. Despite the box indicating 8GB memory, the model name and product code unmistakably belong to the new SKU.


The StormX model, among the limited desktop GPUs, utilizes an actual physical PCIe 4.0 x8 connector, eschewing the more common full-sized 16-lane interface found in most modern GPUs. While even modern cards like the RTX 4060 series employ a full-sized connector without electrical connections for half of the lanes, it can serve as structural support for heavier designs, a feature seemingly unnecessary for the StormX series.

Now, turning our attention to the fanless model. It’s noteworthy that the last KalmX model, the GTX 1650 KalmX, was introduced almost four years ago in February 2020. Surprisingly, Palit hasn’t revisited this fan-less design in their lineup since then. The 3050 specs mentioned earlier suggest the card may generate up to 115W of power. Previous rumors indicated a lower thermal design power of 70W for the RTX 3050 6GB, aligning with the logic as the GTX 1650 KalmX was also a 75W TDP model.


The specifications provided by the Russian retailer exhibit missing and conflicting details that require verification. The release of the card is a few weeks away, with the RTX 3050 6GB anticipated to enter the market in February.

Source & Image: Videocardz