Patriot Viper V570 and V570 Blackout Edition Gaming Mice Review


In order to really customize the Viper V570, Patriot provides an easy-to-use application. The software is divided up into four major tabs, each dedicated to a specific type of customization for the mouse; BUTTONS, SENSOR, MACRO EDITOR, and SETTINGS.

The BUTTONS tab is utilized to customize each button to fit your needs. There are a ton of options for each button, including standard settings for normal mouse functions, in addition to keyboard functions, advanced functions, macros, and key cycling. This tab is also where you can configure the five profiles on the V570, and each can have a different set of mouse button settings, so swapping between profiles can be very helpful. For example, one profile could be used for photo or video editing, while another may be used for gaming. Each profile can also have a custom lighting setting, for easy identification.


The SENSOR tab allows you to adjust the X and Y axis sensitivity settings across four DPI setting profiles. By hitting the DPI Loop button on the top of the mouse, the DPI settings will be changed to the respective settings, which is then visually indicated by the number of illuminated LEDs next to the button.


On the MACRO EDITOR TAB you can create all types of macros, including standard mouse and keyboard functions, in addition to recording mouse movements, delays, and even importing and exporting macros from other systems.


The last tab, SETTINGS, gives access to set the USB polling rate, which can be adjusted from 125Hz all the way up to 1Ghz, in various increments. The option to enable or disable features like angle snapping, DPI/Profile OSD indicators, and OS mouse acceleration are also found here. This is where you can also backup and restore your driver settings, or reset to defaults.


While not a tab per se, there is also a small color wheel icon that allows you to adjust the RGB lighting zones on the V570. Each round dot indicates a separate RGB zone which can be customized to a particular color itself. You can also utilize a few included lighting options like Wave, Inverted Wave, and two random color options. While not as robust as some mice, there is still plenty of lighting customization available.



Speaking of lighting, we wanted to give a quick look at some of the lighting options found on the Viper V570. We found the lighting zones to be plentiful, with a total of seven dedicated lights you can configure, as well as being able to adjust the profile indicator LED as well. Check out a few of the lighting options below.

Patriot Viper V570 Mouse9 Patriot Viper V570 Mouse10 Patriot Viper V570 Mouse11 Patriot Viper V570 Mouse12 Patriot Viper V570 Mouse13 Patriot Viper V570 Mouse14 Patriot Viper V570 Mouse15 Patriot Viper V570 Mouse16 Patriot Viper V570 Mouse17 Patriot Viper V570 Mouse18