Patriot Viper V770 Gaming Keyboard Review

Usage and Final Thoughts
In our time testing the Patriot Viper V770, our experience has been quite good. There were many feature and design choices that were made that really make this a nice keyboard. While not yet as popular as Cherry MX switches, the Kailh switches used by Patriot offer nearly identical performance in both form and function. The quick responsiveness of the keys was evident in all of our testing situations.

Patriot V770 KB12

Our typing testing for the V770 included not only day to day use of the keyboard, but the entire typing of this review. We didn’t seem to experience any more missed keys or mistakes than with any other keyboard, which is to be expected with a standard keyboard layout.

In our gaming tests we engaged in a few long sessions of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUND, as well as Fortnite Battle Royale. Both of these games are from the very popular “last man standing/battle royale” genre and throw players into a free for all battle in a 3rd person view. For gaming, our personal switch preference is the classic Cherry MX Red, or similar, and the Kailh Red switches in our V779 review sample fared just fine in most cases. Key presses were quick enough for out likes, and the noise output of this keyboard is quite a bit lower than the boards we have used with Blue switches.

The design and feature choices that really stuck out for us on the V770 were the USB and audio pass-through, as well as the five dedicated macro keys on the left side. We love having easy access to a USB port for a flash drive or even a wireless peripheral dongle, and the same can be said for the extra cable length you gain from having a headset port on your keyboard. We even utilized the phone/tablet holder for our 7″ tablet, which allowed us to monitor our PC’s status via the CAM Mobile app. We also used it as a Twitch monitor for our streaming sessions.

The removable wrist rest was quite comfortable, and seemed to stay in place quite well thanks to the embedded magnets. While we did have a bent pin on the wrist rest connector, once we straightened it out, things worked like a charm.

Patriot V770 KB13

Final Thoughts

The Patriot Viper V770 has proven to be a good example of what users want from a modern-day gaming keyboard. In addition to the mechanical switches from Kailh, with their configurable RGB LED lighting, the V770 also adds in both USB and audio pass-through options for additional connectivity options for your peripherals. We do wish the body of the V770 was a bit more sleek, as this keyboard takes up quite a bit of desk real estate, even without the wrist rest. This is mostly a personal preference however. We would have also liked to see a bit more of a high-end materials finish with the Viper V770. While the aluminum top plate is a nice touch, the surrounding plastic chassis components just feel a bit on the cheap side.

The V770 application allows you to take greater control over the lighting options that are available on the keyboard itself, giving full access to the 16.8 million colors that the switches are capable of producing. And since the wrist rest has built-in RGB LED lighting, it too can be configured from within the application. Macro recording is a breeze and offers a pretty standard set of options with regards to pauses and looping. Add in profile import and export options, and you have the ability to share your custom config with other users.

The add-on features like the USB and audio pass-through help set the V770 apart from other keyboards in this category, as some feature one or the other, or even neither. In addition, the dedicated multimedia control switches and volume roller give you quick access to the essential audio controls you use often.

With an MSRP of $140, the Patriot Viper V770 can currently be found over at Amazon for $119.99 with Prime Shipping. With a robust feature set that can go toe-to-toe with the competition, the V770 is definitely worth checking out if you are in the hunt for a full-sized mechanical gaming keyboard. We give the Patriot Viper V770 a 9 out of 10.

rating9 10


  • Kailh Red Mechanical Switches
  • RGB LED Lighting – Switches, Sides, and Wrist Rest
  • USB and Audio Pass-Through
  • Phone/Table Holder


  • Fit and Feel Adjustments Could Improve Quality Perception