OPSEAT Master Series Gaming Chair Review

Ah the office chair, coffee stained, broken arms, and worn out padding, this often overlooked piece of furniture is the unsung hero of all night raids and game releases. It is the foundation for overclocking and coding sessions alike. Why then do we focus so much of our attention and budget on the electronic bits that reside within our rigs and so little on the only item that can bring us comfort? If you’re reading this you have probably achieved a level of enlightenment that has allowed you to focus beyond the screen you are staring at. Welcome to the land of physical comfort! There are a plethora of options when it comes to gluteal support. From worn out second hand items scored at the thrift store to multi thousand dollar executive thrones, the range is wide. One of the more recent trends is the racing seat styled gaming chair. No doubt you’ve seen these at all professional gaming tournaments and advertised everywhere gaming things live. Here at ThinkComputers we’ve covered a nice pair of these already, today we are adding the OPSEAT Master Series chair to our stable. Follow along as we find out of this is the right chair for your nerdy needs!

Special thanks to OPSEAT for providing the Master Series chair for review!

Weight: 51.0 lbs
Chair-type: Gaming Chair
Available Colors:
– red
– orange
– yellow
– green
– blue
– light blue
– pink
– purple
– white
– black
– grey
Material: Metal Frame, Synthetic Leather
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
Weight-limit: 300 Pounds
Height: 44 in. to 47 in.
Width: 25 in.

The Master Series chair, all 51 lbs of it, will arrive on your doorstep deconstructed and broken down into one large box. You will certainly need a fair bit of space to open and build this one up.

OPSEAT Master Series 1

Opening the box up you will find a protective sheet of cardboard on top of all the parts. Beneath is a series of layers of parts separated by foam sheets and plastic.

OPSEAT Master Series 1 OPSEAT Master Series 2 OPSEAT Master Series 3 OPSEAT Master Series 4 OPSEAT Master Series 5 OPSEAT Master Series 6

Everything seems to have been well protected during shipping and has arrived unblemished.

OPSEAT Master Series 7

While there doesn’t seem to be any damage from travel there does appear to be a couple of concerns from the factory. First there are several places on the chair back that have oil marks. There is a note in the instructions about cleaning them off easily. It appears to be an unavoidable minor packaging issue. Not permanent stains, but something to consider. We also found that the tab on the zipper for the head rest pillow was broken off and missing. Other than that all the other parts are in great shape and ready to be built up.

OPSEAT Master Series 8 OPSEAT Master Series 9 OPSEAT Master Series 10