OPSEAT Master Series Gaming Chair Review

Final Thoughts
We’ve been using our OPSEAT Master Series chair exclusively for three weeks now and have to say that overall we are pretty impressed. The gaming chair comes off as a major gimmick, but give one a chance and we are sure you will find yourself pleasantly surprised. The memory foam and support straps provide the exact level of comfort and support that we would have designed in a chair ourselves. Long term expect the chair to become even more comfortable as the materials break in. The racing seat shape is also very comfortable and keeps your torso right where it should be. The only comfort item that we couldn’t really get into is the lumbar pillow. As someone who suffers from a herniated disc in my lower back this is a bit of an issue. While the pillow does do some good in providing additional support to specific areas of you back it does it in a negative manner. A good lumbar system simply stiffens a portion of the lower seat back. What happens with this method is it pushes your whole body forward out of the back of the seat messing with your overall comfort. I found I could use the lumbar pillow for short periods only. The pillow can be opened on the bottom which potentially could allow you to change out the foam for something smaller but you would still likely be dealing with the same issue at a lesser degree.

This chair has adjustability basically locked down. At no point did we find that we couldn’t get ourselves into a good position. The one caveat being the height adjustment. Three inches is not very much adjustment, to make up for it OPSEAT starts you out with your legs at ~20”. For users with legs in a certain range this is probably not an issue. Anyone below 5’ 10” is likely to feel a bit of lift or even have their feet off the ground. Taller users will probably feel compressed. Anyone fitting that specific in between sizing won’t notice a thing, other users may want to consider something else.

Build quality is mainly excellent. The fabric feels nice and everything comes together very easily. The chair sits solid and doesn’t feel like it’s going to fall apart under you. The only other complaint would be with the plastics. They aren’t the worst or cheapest they could be but are not very nice. Mostly they just don’t do the otherwise great aesthetics any favors.

The Master Series is available in 11 different colors including the light blue we reviewed for $219 from our favorite online retailer. This is a pretty fair price considering everything you get.

Overall ThinkComputers.org gives the OPSEAT Master Series chair a 9 out of 10 score.

rating9 10

– Price
– Comfort
– Build quality
– Adjustability


– Lumbar support is no good
– Height adjustment is limited