OPSEAT Master Series Gaming Chair Review

Overview and Use
The OPSEAT Master Series chair is wrapped in a polyurethane faux leather. The center of the seat and back is also perforated to allow the chair to breath. PU is a comfortable and durable material that is significantly cheaper than the real thing. The biggest downside is long term wear. You shouldn’t expect this imitation leather to last as long as the real thing.

Beyond the surface you’ll find cold molded memory foam attached to a solid metal frame. Stretched between the outside of the frame you will find elastic straps that provide solid support to the softer memory foam. The combined result is a comfortable surface level sink when you sit down that stops and provides lots of support. We all know how nice a super squishy piece of furniture is at first. It’s not until a few hours later that your start to realize that the comfort you liked at first is now hurting your back and joints. The Master Series chair provides the best of both worlds and hours of lasting comfort.

In addition to the materials, the actual shape of the chair is quite supportive. I would describe it as a mildly aggressive racing design which is a good thing. It has plenty of side support but doesn’t protrude too far as to make it uncomfortable. After all, you are not actually sliding around in the chair as you take the sweeping corners and chicanes of the Nurburgring or your local track. The side support is amazing as it keeps you centered right in the comfort zone of the chair. The only drawback to the side support is if you want to shift your weight far to either side. Sometimes when watching a movie or just sitting in the chair it’s comfortable to shift to either side. The protruding support makes this mildly uncomfortable.

OPSEAT Master Series 39 Cover

The other part of the other part of the chair that you make contact with is the arm rests. At first they seem like they are simply rubber covered plastic. In actuality they feel more like a thin rubber or plastic over a really dense foam. Once you get used to the surface they are actually very comfortable especially for a long session. In addition to the material they are adjustable in 4 dimensions. Three buttons and levers allow you to adjust them side to side, forward and backwards, or rotate them through several positions in and out. You should be able to find a comfortable position to rest your arms regardless of your size, shape, or sit time.

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There are three other adjustments you can make with the OPSEAT Master Series chair. First is up to 135° of recline. This is one thing that you will definitely not find on your standard office chair. It allows you to not only recline while simply watching video content or maybe napping but also really fine tune what angle you need your back to be. This becomes especially useful as your back fatigues over time while gaming. Combined with the adjustable lumbar pillow you should be able to keep your back comfortable.

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We mentioned earlier that the chair has a tilt mechanism. It allows you to rock or recline the entire chair. Personally I like to elevate my feet and push back into the tilt. This chair has all the tilt I needed to keep my legs comfortable. The large knob on the bottom of the chair gives you control over 12° of tilt off parallel. Of course if you want to lock that out the left hand paddle will do so and keep you level.

OPSEAT Master Series 44

Finally the right hand paddle controls the seat height giving you three inches of height adjustment.

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