PCI-Express 5.0 Power Cable Details For Next-Gen Graphics Cards Leaked

“12VHPWR” is the latest standard for PCIe Gen5 graphics cards. According to information provided by Intel, who is responsible for formulating the ATX specifications, it appears that the cable will support as many as four power settings.

PCIe Gen5 Power Cable 5

Leaker @momom_us has posted a slide which shows that the cable will support up to 600W of power in its full configuration. Other than this, 450W, 300W, and 150W modes will also be supported.

PCIe Gen5 Power Cable 4

The documents illustrate the binary configuration of the Sense0 and Sense1 sideband signals. If both signals are grounded then the GPU will power up with 375W of power and maximum sustained power of 600W. If the signals are open, the GPU will receive 100W initially, with a maximum of 150W during load.

PCIe Gen5 Power Cable 1

The ATX 3.0 design verifies that this power connector is not going to be compatible with the 6-pin and 8-pin connectors as it has different contact spacing and larger pitch. However, the graphics cards equipped with a 12+4-pin power connector will be able to work with adapters.

Many power supply manufacturers have announced their first products equipped with the new standard. NVIDIA’s flagship RTX 3090 Ti Founders Edition was supposed to be the first graphics card to feature this type of connector. However, NVIDIA has not provided any new information since its introduction at CES 2022 in early January and we do not know its launch date either.

PCIe Gen5 Power Cable 7

It is expected that NVIDIA RTX 40 “Ada” graphics cards will all feature this new 12+4-pin power connector.

Via WCCFTech, VideoCardz