Phanteks Enthoo Luxe Case Review

We did just a little bit of testing to see how the Luxe would keep cool compared with other cases. This included running both Intel Burn Test and the Valley Graphic benchmark on our overclocked 3770K and stock GTX 690. This testing was done with our 3770K at 4.5 ghz being cooled by the Enermax Liqtech 120X we reviewed recently in the Pro case.

Ambient temps: 22.78C/73F
Idle temps after sitting for 10 hours: 45.25C/113.45F core average


One pass of IBT at Max Mem setting: 87.5C/189.5F core average


One run of the full Valley benchmark*: 82.5c/180.5F GPU core average 56.5C/133.7F CPU core average
*DX11, Ultra Quality, x8 AA, and 2560×1440


Additionally we measured the top rear exhaust and internal temperatures using an infrared temp probe while running both IBT and Valley simultaneously.

Exhaust: 32.78C/91F max
Internal (all areas max temp): 72.22C/162F


Our final temperature measurement was the exhaust temps after 10hrs and 24hrs idle.

10hrs: 30.28C/86.5F
24hrs: 31.39C/88.5F

And while these temps are all fairly high consider that have this rig running at basically the max overclock for the cooler being used. The fact that it is still within the acceptable range during testing tells us that the case is doing an adequate job of keeping the components well ventilated.

We also wanted to make sure to highlight one of the main features of the case so we took some night photos of the Luxe showing off it’s external lighting in all it’s color settings. We were fully impressed with the light level, assortment of hues to choose from, and consistency of the LEDs.

54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65

In addition to the included external lighting Phanteks sells as an accessory additional light strips that tie into the same light controller that you can install as you choose internally. We will be following this review up with a highlight of those options shortly.