Phanteks Enthoo Pro Case Review

We did just a little bit of testing to see how a smaller case like this would keep cool. This included running both Intel Burn Test and the Valley Graphic benchmark on our stock clocked 3770K and GTX 690. Keep in mind there are only two fans in the case and our system is entirely air cooled.

Ambient temps: 22.22C/72F

Idle temps after sitting for 10 hours: 38.75C/101.75F core average


One pass of IBT at Max Mem setting: 63.5C/146.3F core average


One run of the full Valley benchmark*: 80.5c/176.9F GPU core average 48C/118.4F CPU core average
*DX11, Ultra Quality, x8 AA, and 2560×1440


Additionally we measured the top rear exhaust and internal temperatures using an infrared temp probe while running both IBT and Valley simultaneously.

Exhaust: 31.39C/88.5F max
Internal (all areas max temp): 57.5C/135.5F

Our final temperature measurement was the exhaust temps after 10hrs and 24hrs idle.


Considering we are running on air with only a single 200mm fan providing fresh air I am actually very pleased with these results. And just to be thorough we connected four USB drives to the front panel and had full functionality on all ports.