Phanteks Enthoo Pro Case Review

After all is said and done does the Pro leave us feeling excited about the case, or feeling regret that it could and maybe should have offered us more?

There are a few things that I would have liked to see the Pro come with. The first, and this was a complaint I had with the Primo is the lack of a true fan controller. True you get PWM but we all know that is not the same thing. Even cases priced as low as the NZXT Phantom give you a fan controller. Second would be even one more included fan. It just feels like there should have been a fan included for the top of the case. And lastly when it comes down to it this is a steel and plastic case with a fake brushed aluminum finish.

Sounds harsh right? Well now let’s look at what I liked about the case. The most impressive feature to me is how easily it is dismantled. If I am a modder and looking for my next case project I look no further than the Phanteks Pro. There are only a few things that I can think to mod, but if I wanted to it would take little extra work to do so. Throw in unmatched cable management, pass throughs in all the right places, a fantastic PSU shroud, and tons of storage options and that list of wants doesn’t look so bad. Not to mention that this case, though not probably the most ideal case to water cool due to size, does boast out of the box support for several radiators plus all the other watercooling goodies to boot. There is easily enough room left under that shroud to hide even a decent sized pump. And though I would have like to see another fan the cooling we have right now is good enough for even a little bit of overclocking on our super hot 3770K.

Bottom line, does this case deliver? Is it a value driven and driveable supercar? I say absolutely. At $99.99 for the windowed version from my favorite online store, this is a steal. If you are shopping in this price range currently this is your next case. would like to award the Phanteks Enthoo Pro Case a 10 out of 10 score!

rating10 10 small

– Mod Friendly
– Price
– Overall Design
– Cooling
– Build Quality
– Cable Management

– Fan Control
– Plastic Finishes
– Could Use An Additional Fan