Phanteks Enthoo Pro Tempered Glass Case Review

A Look Inside

As we mentioned earlier, getting into the Enthoo Pro is a pretty easy process. On the tempered glass side, just two thumbscrews at the front keep the panel in place, while the hinges in the rear allow the panel to swing open. Once opened up, you can even lift the tempered glass panel off of the hinges to get it completely out of the way. For things like quick changes we recommend keeping the panel on, but for anything more involved like swapping parts out or a full build, we recommend removing the panel altogether. With the panel out of the way we get a good look at a pretty standard full-tower case layout. Surrounding a sizable CPU cooler cutout are multiple cable management cutouts, each with a nice rubber grommet to keep things tidy. Another nice feature of this case is the use of foam padding on all of the interior frame sections that make contact with the glass panel. Not only does it make for a softer closing, but it helps keep dust out and noise in.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro TG Case2 Large

Since the Enthoo Pro TG supports up to three 5.25″ drives, the upper front section is dedicated to housing those devices, while the lower portion is dedicated to housing for up to six 3.5″ drives. The 5.25″ drives are held in place via a nice tool-less mechanism. Also located on the front drive bay panel are the two included 2.5″ drive trays. These trays can be left in their default location to show off your storage devices, or they can be moved to one of the hidden mounting locations on the back side of the motherboard tray; simply slide the tray off of its rubber-dampened mount and back on to another location. At the bottom of the drive housing is a nice Phanteks badge that is the only real indicator of who the case is designed by, if you weren’t already familiar with the Enthoo Pro design.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro TG Case18 Large

As the Enthoo Pro TG is a full-tower case, there is room for up to EATX motherboards, so the remainder of the case interior is pretty spacious. Phanteks designed this case to support plenty of air and liquid cooling options, so there is plenty of room above the motherboard for both fans and radiators. The seven cable management cutouts, each with their rubber grommets, are placed in very logical locations and should make routing cables between your devices very convenient.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro TG Case3 Large

The bottom section of the Enthoo Pro houses a removable power supply shroud, which is void of any features other than the cable management cutout and grommet on the side. We really like seeing this cutout as it gives an alternate path for videocard power cables to run. One thing to note however, is that the power supply shroud must be removed in order to install a power supply in the Enthoo Pro, as there is no cutout on the motherboard tray to allow the power supply to slide in from that side. Three thumbscrews keep the shroud secured in place, while three rubber-padded pegs secure the bottom of the shroud to the case.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro TG Case20 Large

Taking a look at the other side of the case’s interior gives us a look at just how much thought Phanteks put into the design of the Enthoo Pro. There are multiple pre-installed Velcro straps ready to assist with cable management duties, and they are all located in areas where you often find yourself needing to route cables, but don’t always find tiedown locations. And while there is no large cutout to install a power supply from this side, Phanteks does include a large cutout to route cabling from the power supply to the rest of your components.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro TG Case5 Large

A great feature of the Enthoo Pro TG is the modular design that Phanteks chose for the 3.5″ drive bays. Up front is room for up to six 3.5″ drives, split between two removable drive cages. Each cage is independently secured to the case so you can remove one or the other on their own, and the cages also connect to each other for additional support and strength. The drive trays are plastic and feature a nice tool-less design to keep drives in place; simply swing two small “wings” out from the tray, put your drive in place, and snap the wings back into place. In addition to the 3.5″ drive trays, there are two additional mounting locations for 2.5″ drives.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro TG Case16 Large Phanteks Enthoo Pro TG Case17 Large

Also included with the Enthoo Pro TG is an integrated fan hub that can be controlled by a motherboard PWM fan header. Powered by a SATA power connector, this fan hub has room for up to six 3-pin fans, and the two included 140mm fans have already been attached for convenience.