Phanteks Teams Up With Seasonic For New Power Supplies At CES 2018

Phanteks has recently partnered up with Seasonic to offer a few new power supplies that give users options when it comes to dual-system builds, as well as dual power supply systems. The Revolt X and Revolt Pro power supplies look to fill a niche that other power supplies don’t, while still operating as standard units if your needs are not as complex.

Revolt X

The Revolt X shown at CES 2018 is designed to power two separate systems, and is a perfect unit for their Enthoo Elite case. The fully-modular design of the Revolt offers two 24-pin ATX connectors, and three 8-pin EPS connectors for additional CPU power. An additional four PCIe ports offer eight connections for video cards, and four SATA/Molex connectors provide plenty of power options for your storage devices and other powered devices.

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One of the awesome features of the Revolt X is that it is smart enough to provide power to each connected system individually, so that if one system needs to power down, the other system is not affected. We saw the 1,200 watt version of the Revolt X powering two setups, one with two systems in the Enthoo Elite, and another on a display board to better show off the dual-system power segregation.

Revolt Pro 3 of 6

Needless to say, we think the Revolt X will be a great solution for dual-system builds that want to keep the amount of cables to a minimum. Pricing for the 1,200 watt version of the Revolt X is set at $250, which for the flexibility it offers, along with its 80 Plus Platinum rating, is a very fair price.

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Revolt Pro

On the other side of the spectrum is the Revolt Pro, which aims to bring two units together to provide redundancy and increased power output. Also a fully-modular unit, the Revolt Pro is available in both 850 and 1,000-watt variants that can function on their own, or paired up with another Revolt Pro for added flexibility and redundancy.

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By connecting the 24-pin ATX and 8-pin EPS cables from one unit to another, the pair of power supplies can then be connected to devices in order to spread their load across your system’s components. The 80 Plus Gold rated Revolt Pro units will be priced at $129.99 for the 850-watt unit, and $159.99 for the 1,000-watt version.

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Both the Revolt X and Revolt Pro models should be available towards the end of Q1.