PNY Releases GeForce RTX 4070 With Blower Fan

PNY has unveiled its inaugural blower design, which has been recently made available on a Chinese retail platform at a considerable price of 6999 RMB. In contrast, this places it notably higher in cost compared to the RTX 4070 Founders Edition, which debuted in China two weeks ago at a price of 4799 RMB.

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It is intriguing to note that PNY is aware that the RTX 4070 Blower model does not provide significant benefits to gamers. This particular graphics card is specifically designed for cluster functionality, rendering it impractical for gaming purposes. NVIDIA has taken measures to render SLI features entirely ineffective for gaming, and it is worth mentioning that modern RTX 40 series cards lack any physical connectors for SLI configurations.

However, the RTX 4070 Blower presents itself as an attractive option compared to the pricey RTX ADA series designed for workstations. While the workstation cards may provide similar functionalities, the main distinctions lie in their higher memory capacity and professionally optimized software drivers. Although the 12GB GDDR6X buffer on the RTX 4070 may not be as remarkable as the 24GB on the RTX 4090, many workloads can fully utilize the memory buffer across multiple GPUs.

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PNY understands the preferences of budget-conscious enthusiasts and small-scale researchers who prioritize cost-efficiency, and that’s precisely where the RTX 4070 Blower comes into play. Extensive testing of this card in a three-card cluster configuration has demonstrated its ability to maintain lower temperatures compared to conventional designs equipped with axial fans.

While the company has not provided specific details regarding the noise level, it is important to note that noise is often a primary concern with blower-fan designs. However, considering the RTX 4070’s relatively low TDP of only 200W, it should fall comfortably within the capabilities of modern blower-type coolers, which suggests that noise levels may be well-managed.

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