Pokemon GO Tracking Apps Are Being Shut Down By Niantic

Well its was only a matter of time before this happened, Niantic, the developer behind Pokemon GO is taking steps to shut down services that allow users to track Pokemon in Pokemon GO. Over the weekend Niantic pushed out another big update for Pokemon GO which completely removed ‘footsteps’ altogether in the Nearby feature in the game, as well as hammering down on Pokemon finding services.

Niantic is doing this by not allowing apps to send out location requests for finding Pokemon every five seconds. On top of that some people over on Reddit believe that Niantic is completely blocking IP addresses of online Pokemon locating services, making them completely useless.

Crowd-sourced services like Poke Radar continue to works since they do not require access to Niantic servers, but services like PokeVision and GO Gear have been rendered useless. As of writing we are unsure if these services will start to function again or not.

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