PromoLocker Custom USB Flash Drives Review

Usage & Testing
First let’s run some tests. I used my Dell XPS M1210 running Windows 7 to test each drive. I used both SiSoftware Sandra’s removable storage benchmark, and HD Tune to test each drive. Remember neither of these drives are said to be super fast drives. Here are the results from our tests.


As you can see both drives perform about the same. They are not extremely fast but will get the job done. You will have no problem listening to music or watching movies from either drive.

As far as using the drives I have had the WU-100-Illuminator on my key ring for the past week and the little flashlight has really come in handy, especially when going out to my car when it is dark out. I haven’t had a single problem with either drive since we received them.

Final Thoughts
When I was first approached by PromoLocker I wasn’t sure what to expect. Sometimes with these types of companies you get a cheap product with ever cheaper printing, but PromoLocker really came through. Not only were they able to take our design and make it look great on a flash drive, they did the whole process very quickly and professionally. They showed us what the drives would look like before they were made so we could make the final decision on whether we liked them or not. Dealing with PromoLocker was very easy and you should expect the same type of customer service we experienced.

As far as the drives go they are not the best drives out there, like say an OCZ drive that is made to be fast, but these drives get the job and PromoLocker offers a wide variety of drives that you can choose from.

So how much do these drives cost? Well PromoLocker has standard prices depending on how many drives you order. For the standard USB drives an order of 50 2GB drives would be $8.50 per drive. If you would add a custom PMS color, 3 color logo, or a second logo that would be a .25 cent add-on per drive.

If you are looking for custom USB flash drives PromoLocker is the place to go, I would totally recommend them to anyone looking for an item like this. They not only do flash drives, they have MP3 players, Bluetooth headsets, and even digital photo frames! Overall ThinkComputers gives the PromoLocker Custom USB Flash Drives a 10 out of 10 score.

rating10 10 small

– Great customer service
– Drives looked great
– Many different drives to choose from
– Fast creation and delivery

– Drives are not the fastest out there

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