PS5 3rd Party Devs Reportedly Having Issues With The Hardware

The similarity of hardware between Xbox One and PS4 has made it easy to develop multi-platform games. This is about to change as Microsoft has taken a typical approach by offering many CPU and GPU grunts. On the other hand, Sony is focusing on variable frequency CPU/GPU and a state of the art SSD. The simplicity of developing games on the multi-platform is now in vain as the rumors tell that third-party developers are facing difficulty with the PS5 hardware.

Jeff Grub on the latest episode of Basement Radio Arcade Podcast gave the hint that the PS5 variable frequency approach is causing issues for the developers and the consumers will be disappointed by some major third party titles.

On the other hand an insider, Dusk Golem also commented on the PS5 hardware issue. He is famous for leaks regarding Capcom stuff. He said that the PS5 hardware will struggle to produce true 4k hence a lot of counterfeit 4k solutions will be used(temporal injection, checkerboarding, etc).

Keeping aside the hardware issues PS5 faces, it will be pricier than the Xbox Series X due to the premium tech being used and both the insiders have shown their mutual agreement on this. We can expect a 500 dollar price tag as per the news by Grubb, no doubt a hefty amount which some may choose to win if they play slots for real money if they wish to afford it. The same situation was observed during the PS3 era. The PS3 had a high price tag with great exclusives and various ports.