PS5 Accessories And Xbox Series X/S Consoles Spotted at Some Retailers

The upcoming Xbox Series X/S and PS5 will officially launch in November. Still, a Redditor gjamesaustin(Video Games Chronicle informed about the post) posted pictures of Xbox Series X/S from Target warehouse where the retailer has already started receiving the stock. The Redditor posted these pictures and said that his location has received 10 units of Xbox Series X and 8 units of Xbox Series S.

Despite the news, you should keep yourself composed as these will not be sold before their launch date but are here to facilitate pre orders and in store pickups for those who order the console online. The positive aspect is that it shows that Microsoft has sufficient stock, and there won’t be any shortage.

On the other hand, Sony has started selling its accessories( DualSense controller, DualSense Charging Station, HD Camera, Media Remote, and Pulse 3D Wireless Headset) prior to the launch of the console itself. Some retailers(Walmart) have started to stock the accessories, and you can even purchase them right now.

The Xbox Series X/S will launch on November 12 while the PS5 will launch on November 12 or 19 depending on your region.

Via Reddit