Radeon RX 6750 GRE With 12GB Memory To Launch On October 18th

Just to recap, there have been persistent internet rumors for the past two months regarding the possible launch of the RX 6750 GRE graphics card. This particular model is anticipated to be released after the debut of the RX 7900 GRE, which was introduced in late July. It’s important to mention that the “GRE” label signifies the “Golden Rabbit Edition,” in honor of the Year of the Rabbit in China. As a result, this card isn’t accessible for purchase in the DIY market outside of China, but it can be acquired through various system integrators worldwide.

At first, there were speculations that the RX 6750 GRE could be nothing more than an “overclocked RX 6700 10GB.” Nevertheless, recent information indicates that this might not be the case. This graphics card was introduced considerably later than the initial lineup of RDNA2 GPUs, as it was essentially transformed from a BC-2235 cryptomining card into a gaming product. It features an unconventional 10GB 160-bit memory configuration and has a relatively low TBP (board power) of only 170W. It was a strong candidate for a “GRE makeover” by increasing the TBP.


In contrast to earlier speculations, Gigabyte China has officially confirmed that this model will incorporate 12GB of memory, dispelling prior rumors. As a result, the specific GPU specifications remain unverified. It is probable that the card is built upon the Navi 22 GPU, but the precise number of Stream Processors activated on this chip remains unknown. The anticipated 2304 core specifications should be expected, as GRE models are intended to be budget-friendly SKUs. Regrettably, there is no indication that the RX 6750 GRE will follow the same release pattern as other Radeon GPUs.

As per information from Gigabyte, the release date for the RX 6750 GRE is set for October 18th. The company is presently open for preorders on two models, specifically the EAGLE and GAMING RX 6750 GRE SKUs.

Via Videocardz