Razer adds Phone Capability to their Naga Gaming Mouse!

Razer has made a very big announcement today! They have figured out a way to turn their Naga gaming mouse into a phone! The sensor on the Razer Naga is so precise that it detects the most minute changes in position via Doppler shift. It is so precise it can detect the vibrations of human speech. Now with a simple firmware update you can turn your Razer Naga into a phone, and even link it to your current phone number! Razer explains it in the video below.

This is truly ground breaking! I mean who wants to try and get their phone out of their pocket when they are gaming. Answer your call and get back to fragging, all with the same device!

naga phone

As much as I’m sure all of you would like to turn your mouse into a phone, sadly this is an April Fools joke, if you couldn’t tell!

Source: Razer | News Archive

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