Razer Kraken Pro Gaming Headset Review

To make a claim as brash as Razer you have to back your play or at least be the only one who knows the rules of the game. When the target of the claim is something extremely subjective you add another flavor to the mix. The main problem with headsets, though, is the game is well known and there are a lot of players.

The main question that I can’t shake regardless of everything that is good or bad with this headset is if Razer, in fact, did back up the comfort claim. I’m sorry to say that it didn’t. In all honesty I was probably the one person that Razer didn’t want to have reviewed this product. I have a large head, I made this clear in the usage section, and because I have a large head “accessories” built for the masses aren’t built for me. The issue returns to the claim: If I was a chef and I made a claim that my food was the best tasting food you could quickly see where the biggest fault in that statement would be. People have different tastes and with a hardware product it’s impossible to design something that will fit physically the entirety of your target market.

For me, SUBJECTIVELY, the Razer Kraken Pro is really uncomfortable. Because of the padding design, my ears fall in the area on the headset where some parts of the padding touch my head and some parts touch my ears. The design objective was to make it so the padding wrapped around your ears and only touched your head. This caused serious pressure after about 20 minutes of use and required me to reposition them. When you’re in a serious gaming session you should be focusing on the screen and not thinking about the pressure on your ears.

Beyond the comfort aspect the Kraken Pro is a solid headset. The overall construction is really well thought out. The materials used in the padding and even the underside of the band are of the highest quality. Also, the microphone and the hinges are built to last. The way Razer designed the mic to tuck into the bottom of the left ear piece is really neat. Instead of having a removable mic that you have a chance of losing you have this almost flush mic that you can extend and use anytime you want.

Aesthetically, the Kraken Pro is on par with some of the highest end audiophile headphones. The Razer green is awesome and falls perfectly in line with current fashion statement that headphones make. You have your Beats by Dre; I’ll take my Kraken Pro by Razer.

Look, I’m not saying Razer missed the mark with comfort. I’m saying Razer made a bogus claim on a really subjective topic. The Kraken Pro, all in all, is solid. They sound amazing. They look really good. They can be used for gaming or music on an even basis. They’re built to last. And if you have a normal size head (what size is that?) they are probably going to be comfortable. Moral of the story is that with all headsets you need to take them for a spin before you buy them. Also, take every “Best” or “Most” of the world with a grain of salt.

Overall ThinkComputers gives the Razer Kraken Pro Gaming headset an 8 out of 10 score.

rating8 10 small


  • Built to last
  • Hidden Mic
  • Very Loud


  • Uncomfortable (relative)