Razer Launches Sneki Snek Wall Light For $80 – No Synapse Control Offered

Razer introduces its first Sneki Snek-themed product featuring RGB lighting. The Razer Sneki Snek Wall Light, priced at $79.99 and USB-connected, showcases four RGB lighting modes for versatile wall aesthetics. Notably, it relies solely on its wired connection for power and doesn’t support synchronization with your PC through Razer Synapse, a contrast to premium gaming keyboards like the Razer BlackWidow V4 Pro.

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Razer indicates that the dimensions of the Sneki Snek Wall Light are 40cm (approximately 16 inches), which might be considered less than ideal. Fortunately, lifestyle images depict the wall light alongside a human and a standard-sized PC setup, offering a better perspective. In terms of its physical attributes, the light weighs 1.3kg (2.87lbs) and is predominantly crafted from ABS plastic. The inclusion of a pre-drilled acrylic backboard ensures swift and secure mounting.

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The Sneki Snek Wall Light features four lighting presets – Static Green, Breathing Green, Spectrum Cycling, and Wave. These presets can be cycled through using a single button located near the USB standard power line connector at the bottom of the Sneki Snek. Notably, the wall light lacks Razer Synapse integration. Razer provides a two-meter (approximately 79 inches) black USB power cable with the light, requiring a 5V USB Type-A power source delivering 900mA or higher for operation.

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If you’re not familiar with Sneki Snek, it’s Razer’s adorable snake mascot at the heart of its conservation initiative with the same name. Razer aims to contribute to the preservation of 10,000,000 trees in collaboration with Conservation International, and it appears that selling merchandise featuring the cute snake character is the method chosen for this purpose. Previous Sneki Snek products encompass a plushie, slippers, keycap, a hoodie, and more. Razer hints that there are still undisclosed new products in the pipeline.

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As per the campaign home page, each sale of a Sneki Snek product contributes enough to the conservation initiative to plant an estimated 10 trees. Razer has already introduced eleven Sneki Snek products, with the newly launched wall light being the twelfth in the series. Currently, the conservation project claims credit for saving 1,407,350 trees from various forests globally. Refer to the map below for the primary conservation areas. The next Sneki Snek product is scheduled for release upon reaching the 1,500,000 trees saved milestone in the collaboration.

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Source: Razer