Razer Nexus 3.0 Turbocharges Mobile Gaming on Android and iOS

Razer, the leading global lifestyle brand for gamers, already pushes boundaries of mobile gaming, but today unveiled a substantial update to its Razer Nexus app for both iPhone and Android. Nexus 3.0 brings a variety of innovative new features for Android and a polished and upgraded experience for iPhone users. As the main game launcher for Razer Edge & Kishi V2, and driven by Razer’s dedication to high-performance gaming, the Razer Nexus 3.0 update embodies innovation, immersion, and intuitive user experiences. The app update is available to users free of charge.

Redefining Game Discovery: The Razer Nexus app becomes the ultimate game concierge, presenting a meticulously curated selection of games for the Razer community. Optional video previews and carefully considered categories minimize the time between discovery and gameplay. This enriched catalog is now live for Android and iPhone users.

Razer Nexus 3.0

Revamped New User Interface: Razer Nexus users will now experience an evolved UI, boasting new options for either an animated Dynamic Color background or a Game Background option that brings unique, handpicked wallpapers for installed games. The update also introduces a Favorites row for instant access to users’ preferred games, along with on Android automatically launching the app when a Kishi V2 or Kishi V2 Pro is connected.

New Enhancements for Revolutionary Virtual Controller Mode (Android-only):
Virtual Controller Mode allows users to add Kishi V2 compatibility to touchscreen-only games. Nexus 3.0 delivers important improvements like adding support for MOBA games, options to invert the X/Y camera axis, camera sensitivity control, unique keymapping for M1/M2 buttons, and the removal of the Android Accessibility permission requirement. Razer continues to invest in Virtual Controller Mode for the massive increase in games available to Kishi V2 Android users.

Optimized Gaming Performance (Android-only): The update showcases Razer’s meticulous focus on performance and reliability, featuring reduced power consumption for Kishi V2 controllers, automatic prevention of controller input when the device is asleep, improved app launch button reliability, and superior quality and reliability for captured videos and screenshots. In a first, users can now choose between HID and XInput controller modes with the Kishi V2 Pro.

“As the mobile gaming landscape evolves at an extraordinary rate, we recognized a need for a platform that keeps pace with this rapid progression,” said Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President of Razer’s Hardware Business Unit. ” With Nexus 3.0, gamers can discover new realms and launch favorite games, all with no subscription fees required. It’s more than an app; it’s our commitment to delivering unbridled gaming experiences to the palm of your hand.”

For more information on Razer Nexus 3.0, please visit Razer.com. Rolling out from today via the Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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