Razer’s New Soundbar Uses AI Head Tracking For the Best Experience

Razer always has awesome products at CES. This year they had their new Leviathan V2 Pro soundbar that uses AI head tracking to give you the best audio experience possible. We also had the chance to demo their new Kiyo Pro Ultra 4K webcam and Project Carol device.

Razer Leviathan V2 Pro

Razer is continuing their very popular soundbar line with the Leviathan V2 Pro. While this may look like just your normal soundbar, it packs in some pretty cool features. The main one here is the addition of an IR camera that can detect where you are sitting by using AI headtracking tech and can adjust the 3D audio beams coming out of the soundbar based on where you are sitting.

We actually tested this feature and it does work as if you placed your hand over the actual camera the sound would change. The soundbar has regular stereo audio and then you’ll get THX Spatial Audio Virtual Headset and THX Spatial Audio Virtual Speakers. Both of these modes sound great and it is so impressive this type of directional sound is coming from a soundbar!

The soundbar features five full-range 2-inch drivers which are supported by a down-firing subwoofer. Of course you are going to get RGB with this unit and you can configure it with Razer’s Synapse software. The Leniathan V2 Pro is currently up for pre-order on Razer.com for $399.99 and will ship January 31st.

Razer Kiyo Pro Ultra

Razer was also showing off probably the largest webcam that I’ve ever seen! This is the Kiyo Pro Ultra and it is Razer’s attempt to get users to use a webcam over something like a DSLR when it comes to streaming. Razer tells us the Sony 1/1.2″ STARVIS 2 sensor that they are using is the largest that’s ever been in a webcam before. Razer has also outfitted the Kiyo Pro Ultra with an F/1.7 aperture lens, which should really help in low-light situations and give you that bokeh effect that you typically can’t get with webcams.

We were able to demo the Kiyo Pro Ultra and it was very impressive for a webcam, definitely one of the best that we’ve seen. It has face tracking that will always keep your face in focus, even if you move around the frame. Also Razer’s software really allows for much more control over the image that other webcam software. The webcam also easily tilts down to give a view of your desk and the mount itself has a thread if you wanted to mount it to a arm or stand on your desk. For those wondering about security you can actually close the lens of the camera fully when it is not in use and there is a cover for the lens if you plan on traveling with it.

The Kiyo Pro Ultra is available for $299.99 on Razer.com.

Razer Project Carol

Also being shown off at CES was Project Carol, which we assume is just a codename for the device. What it essential is, is a headrest / cushion that you can attach to any gaming chair and it provides near-field 7.1 surround sound and HyperSense haptic feedback.

We were able to demo Project Carol and it definitely added another layer of immersion when it comes to playing games and watching movies. One of the really cool things about the device is that it is wireless so no wires are required, which makes its implementation extremely easy as it just straps on to your gaming chair.

Currently Project Carol is just a prototype so no word or pricing or when it will be available.

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