Reasons Why Sports Fans Will Also Love Esports

Esports is perhaps the biggest thing shaking up the gaming industry as of late

Sports fandom has a way of crossing over cultures and countries, as people all around the world enjoy supporting their favorite teams and players every chance they get. The entertainment factor surrounding the sports sector is undeniable as well, attracting people to invest their time and money in the hobby.

If you’re one of these dedicated sports fans, you’ve probably heard of Esports, or electronic sports, by now. Although they share qualities with traditional sports, they are not exactly the same in that Esports see groups of professional gamers play video games competitively in front of spectators. However, because they are similar in some ways, there’s a high likelihood that major sports supporters will also find Esports intriguing and fun. Here are four reasons we think traditional sports aficionados are likely to love Esports, too.

#1 – Competition

In both sporting worlds, competition is number one. Leagues and organizations are formed with the intent of taking down opponents in other franchises and earning major titles. You’ll be hard pressed to watch a live Esports tournament that isn’t full of high-energy action and players fighting it out until the very end. These prestigious talents really do put it all out there on the court or the stage. Likewise, in American football, for example, players are all performing with the same goal in mind and push their fellow teammates to do the same. This makes watching these live competitions in person truly entertaining.

#2 – Betting Opportunities

A big aspect of sports fandom for many serious supporters is the opportunity to interact with players and sports organizations through the act of wagering. Nowadays, online betting is expanding its reach across the globe, especially in markets like the United States where new states are legalizing wagering in their region. For example, sports betting in Tennessee has been live since 2020 and makes it possible for fans in the Volunteer State to participate in online and mobile betting whenever they please. But some may wonder, do Esports fans have the same types of opportunities? Fortunately, traditional sports fans that are accustomed to betting before or during games won’t miss out on this activity in the realm of Esports. In professional gaming, fans can also place bets on specific player performance, the outcome of a live tournament, and much more. And just like betting is growing in traditional sports, Esports wagering is too. More providers are expected to pop up as interest in and viewership of Esports reaches new heights.

#3 – Live Tournaments

Another reason why people who are sports fans will probably enjoy Esports is the fact of live game attendance. In Esports, competitions in real-time are some of the biggest, flashiest spectacles imaginable. They feature commentators and even live musical performances. In fact, the popular League of Legends tournament has boasted opening scenes that rival the famous Super Bowl championship. Nowadays, stadiums that host Esports events are widespread across the world, from the U.S. to Europe, Asia and beyond. In fact, even in India the industry is making waves, with the possibility of the country being an S-Tier Esports host one day soon. This is undoubtedly an exciting thing for traditional sports fans to look forward to, as attending a live match is not only possible but loads of fun.

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Traditional sports and Esports share qualities when it comes to the fandom experience  

#4 – Excitement Around Every Corner

There are many factors that contribute to people’s love of the world of sports, but excitement and entertainment are high on the list. This same type of energy is available in the context of Esports, and the flame shows no signs of burning out anytime soon. Top tier head coaches in traditional sports like the NFL and NBA also recognize the excitement that surrounds Esports, signing agreements to participate in the league in their regions. This just illustrates how big of a deal Esports already is in the wider context of the fandom experience.