ROCCAT RYOS TKL Pro Gaming Keyboard Review

Illumination & Software
The first thing you will notice about the keyboard once you get it set up is the illumination. To show you the different illumination levels and much more check out our video below.

One thing that I did not cover in the video is that the keyboard has a timer on it that you can set the illumination to dim, turn off, or even run an illumination screensaver. The per-key illumination is great and the Fade FX and Ripple FX modes are quite cool.

ROCCAT’s gaming software has been some of the best we have seen since our first ROCCAT review and they continue to add more features. The app that you download for this specific keyboard is called the Ryos TKL Configuration Application. The first screen that comes up is the main control tab. Here you can configure how the caps lock key is set up, what key is used a the function key, you can enable and disable specific keys, you can set the character repeat settings, set the illumination brightness, set the illumination timeout / screensaver, set sound feedback and reset the keyboard back to factory default.


The next tab is your key assignments. Here you can reprogram all of your keys. You can also assign a secondary key function that can be used when you kit the EASY-SHIFT[+] button on the keyboard. The is a full marco manager and the ability to record macros easily.


Key illumination is where you will find all of your illumination settings. ROCCAT has set up predefined light groups that you can program, but of course you can program each key individually if you like.


The next tab is the ROCCAT R.A.D. which is sort of like a statistic system achievement system. It counts your keystrokes and much more. After you’ve done so many actions you will be awarded trophies.


Finally the last tab is update / support where you can find information on the version of the software and firmware you are running and how to get in touch with ROCCAT. Also I did not mention that all 5 of your different profiles are located at the bottom of the screen so you can cycle through them as well as save and load profiles.


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