ROCCAT Skeltr Gaming Keyboard Review

Setup & Swarm Software
To get the Skeltr all setup all you have to do is plug it into your PC. It will automatically be recognized and you can start using it. The keyboard does offer full RGB LED backlighting, but by default it is blue. The sides also light up with RGB colors. The lighting is pretty good, but definitely not the brightest we’ve seen. There are 5 levels of brightness.

ROCCAT Skeltr Gaming Keyboard ROCCAT Skeltr Gaming Keyboard

To customize or program the keyboard you’ll need to download ROCCAT’s Swarm software. Opening the software up and going to the Settings tab you can select if you want any sound feedback when you type, set your repeat delay, repeat rate, and cursor blink rate, setup LED start, sleep, and wake up effects, set Bluetooth to auto connect or not, and the option to reset everything back to default.


Moving over to the Key Assignment tab you can completely reprogram the keyboard. Every key can be remapped, and the left side of the keyboard also has the option to set an Easy-Shift[+] function. Keys can be remapped to other keys on the keyboard, a function, a shortcut, and even a macro.


There is also a macro manager than you can easily create and store your macros in. ROCCAT has included preset macros for quite a lot of games and has organized them for you. I had no problem creating my own macro section and live recording a macro.


Finally on to the Key Illumination tab. Here you can set the color and effect of the LED backlighting. In preset mode you can set one color and effect for all of the different illumination zones. Going into custom mode you can set the color and effect for the 5 different zones. The sides of the keyboard each have two zones and the keys are a single zone as well.


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