ROCCAT Skeltr Gaming Keyboard Review

ROCCAT Swarm Mobile App
Once you have your device paired via Bluetooth with the Skeltr keyboard you’ll likely want to download the ROCCAT Swarm mobile app. I was easily able to find it in the iOS App Store. Once installed you are promoted to connect it with your PC, which is easily done by going through a few screens. Once all setup you are brought to the Home screen which has multimedia controls as well as some monitoring statistics.


Next we can go into monitoring. Here you can see how much RAM is being used, network up and down speeds, CPU load, CPU temperature, GPU temperature, CPU clockspeed, GPU clockspeed, GPU VRAM clockspeed, CPU Voltage, CPU fan speed, GPU frame buffer, GPU fan speed, GPU PWM fan percent, motherboard voltage, and other fan speeds if you have them connected. Great to be able to see all of this information right in front of you.

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Moving on to Skeltr Setting here you can change various settings on the keyboard like the backlighting, profiles, and key assignments.


In Skeltr Tools you have a live view of your APM (actions per minute) and mistakes per hit. Again pretty cool to see all of this right in front of you.


In the software menu you’ll have shortcuts to games and software you’ve added in the Swarm software on your PC. The Swarm software has an auto-search function that will find most of your games.


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