Rosewill RK-8100 Gaming Keyboard Review

“The best bang for your buck” is a phrase I used at the beginning of this review to reflect what I thought the intention Rosewill had in designing and marketing this keyboard. After 2 weeks of using the device I can say another phrase is more appropriate; “You get what you pay for”. In all honesty I don’t know what Rosewill was thinking when they designed this keyboard. As a gamer I know what a gaming keyboard is. This keyboard meets almost none of these expectations. A cheap price does not excuse poor craftsmanship and in every other realm Rosewill operates I don’t see poor craftsmanship. The name to me, before this keyboard review, reflected good quality for a lower price not lower quality for a lower price.

I remember in the fall of 2005 I did a complete PC build for a friend of mine. During this build I purchased several things from Rosewill. One of those things was the slimmest, flattest keyboard I’ve ever seen. My friend made a specific request for a “thin keyboard” and this particular keyboard met all the requirements. He proceeded to use that keyboard for the next 6 years. It was a solid product. I wish I could say the same for the RK-8100.

The RK-8100 is cheap in all aspects.  Would I recommend this “gaming keyboard” to anyone? The answer is no. After looking into the $30 keyboard realm I found some other promising prospects: Companies like Microsoft, Gigabyte, and Raptor all make keyboards +/- $10 that after reading over customer reviews look like they would give the RK-8100 a serious run for its money.

The faults of the device just can’t be overcome. The RK-8100 is extremely uncomfortable to type on and if I had to look at that blinding blue “cross” light at the bottom of the keyboard for another day I would have considered crucifying myself. The sad truth is that the RK-8100 is nothing more than a second rate media keyboard with obtrusive WASD and Arrow keyset.

Sadly the incredible software on this device is not enough to save it. The product the software controls is the major fault and that should first and foremost be the main aspect of the design and execution of an input device. Come on, Rosewill, I know you are capable of something much better than this. Don’t let this keyboard sway my long standing opinion on your products. I actually like you guys.  Again this keyboard can be found for $30 at my favorite online retailer.  ThinkComputers gives the Rosewill RK-8100 a 5 out of 10 score.

rating5 10 small

– Very customizable software

–  Not level
– Uncomfortable to type on
– Annoying light up blue cross that cannot be turned off