RTX 3090 SUPER Founders Edition Appears on Second Hand Market

It was just about a year ago we posted a leaked photo of an unreleased NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3090 Super graphics card. That was the last we heard of that card, NVIDIA eventually introduced the Ti series, which did extend the Ampere lineup of GPUs. No official confirmation of this “Super” card ever really surfaced. Well now it appears the NVIDIA RTX 3090 Super was actually a real card as there is one for sale on Xianyu (Taobao’s second hand market).

NVIDIA RTX 3090 Super

User tbNick_dn86z, is attempting to sell their GeForce RTX 3090 SUPER Founders Edition card for 9999 RMB (~$1370). The card itself clearly has “Super” on the casing, but tbNick_dn86z did confirm that the card is very much the same as the official launched RTX 3090 Ti version, with the same matching device ID across both variants.

Based on this unreleased card it would seem that NVIDIA was on the fence about the Super branding. Remember we only saw on it on the 20 series and it was then absent on the 30 series, where we saw Ti variants instead. Will the super branding ever come back?

Via Wccftech, ITHome

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