RTX 4070 SUPER DUAL With 12GB Memory From ASUS Leaked

ASUS is preparing to launch a DUAL OC variant built on NVIDIA’s upcoming RTX 4070 SUPER series. A leaked image of the new card has appeared on the X platform, shared by @momomo_us.

The upcoming RTX 4070 SUPER stands out as the most compelling SUPER card set to be released next month. Featuring the AD104-350 GPU with 7168 CUDA cores, the card has been officially verified to include 12 GB of memory, maintaining the same configuration as its predecessor.

ASUS 4070 SUPER videocardz 1

The card’s design seems to resemble that of the RTX 4070 DUAL version, but there are noticeable alterations. The SUPER variant appears narrower and slightly shorter, despite supposedly demanding more power (225W vs. 200W). Crucially, the leaked information confirms that the 4070 SUPER will utilize a 12VHWPR power connector, deviating from the 8-pin connector used in its predecessor.

asus rtx 4070 super dual

NVIDIA is rumored to introduce the RTX 40 SUPER series in January 2024, with the 4070 SUPER being the first card in the series. Insider information indicates that NVIDIA plans to debut the series during its Special Address livestream at CES 2024. Following this, board partners are anticipated to unveil their designs shortly, and the 4070 SUPER is expected to be on the market from January 17.

Source: @momomo_us