Ryzen 9 7950X, 7900X, Ryzen 7 7700X and Ryzen 5 7600X Processors Confirmed By AMD

AMD itself has officially confirmed the upcoming Ryzen 7000 series SKUs which include four CPUs; the Ryzen 9 7950X, Ryzen 9 7900X, Ryzen 7 7700X, and the Ryzen 5 7600X. We have only these SKUs on the library and there appears to be no sign of the Ryzen 3 7000 or the Ryzen 7 7800X as of yet.

AMD Ryzen 7000 SKUs 1

Source: Videocardz

The mention of the Ryzen 7 7700X here is a bit surprising since all previous rumors hinted that this SKU will not be included in the first wave of the Raphael CPUs. However, it has become evident now that those rumors weren’t true.

amd ryzen 7000 3

It is a bit disappointing that AMD hasn’t released any further additional information on these SKUs besides the names. The Ryzen 7000 is expected to debut sometime in mid-September but the date still remains to be confirmed by AMD itself.