Intel Arc desktop GPU Launch Delayed

Intel has recently got their hands full with the Arc press tour. Tom Peterson and Ryan Shrout from the company have revealed two new desktop GPU models including the A750 and A770 along with their Limited-Edition designs too. However, the tour lacks details such as when these GPUs are releasing or what their price point is going to be.

Intel ARC Roadmap 3

Intel did confirm that its first batch of the Arc LE cards has arrived for the reviewers and will now be going through internal testing and will eventually be shipping to the tech media. When exactly this will happen is still unclear.

A view from Moore’s Law is Dead explains the absence of details on the Arc GPUs. Looking at the internal roadmaps which have been leaked, we see that Intel has been communicating varying information about the Arc GPUs and this is what has increased the confusion around the Alchemist series launch.

Intel ARC Roadmap 4

Intel’s graphics division had released those slides almost a month ago to other Intel divisions. The roadmap includes the names of all the SKUs and according to this roadmap, the AIC (custom board) launch was scheduled for August. The AIC roadmap covers one particular SKU, the A380, but Intel didn’t comment on the release date of its custom design till a month ago.

Intel ARC Alchemist ROADMAP

The roadmap confirms that there will be five models at least which had been planned, and out of these five we already know about the Gunnir and the AsRock. Its quite obvious that others will include Gigabyte, MSI, and ASUS. The roadmap also shows that Intel was planning to launch the Arc A770, A750, A580 and the A380 to system integrators by July. But so far no system integrators or even manufacturers have announced any new systems with these GPUs. So far we have only seen the A380 in prebuilt PCs.

Intel ARC Alchemist ROADMAP2

Intel’s roadmaps have been sharing confusing messages regarding the Arc desktop ‘Story’ to be revealed in September. The slide clearly says ‘not launch’ which can either be a wrong choice of words or a certain confirmation of delaying the launch to September.